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Our Solutions

Identity Solutions

Identity Solutions

A complete identity solution using digital identity verification, face and voice recognition and AI-based identity fraud detection

Credit Scores

Credit Scores

Sophisticated and robust technology based credit model providing a comprehensive assessment

Portfolio Analytics

Portfolio Analytics

Portfolio level scoring coupled with customized sell down structures for ALM management

Intelligent Loan Origination

Unparalleled Customer Experience

Simple, user friendly screens and minimal manual processes lead to greater client satisfaction

Fast and Scalable

Speedy onboarding and smooth credit processing allows lenders to build scale

Customised solutions

Loan products can be highly customized to suit specific requirements of individual lenders

Explicit Client Consent

No scraping of mobile data and all KYC data is explicitly provided by client

AI Powered Loan Processing

Intelligent software that allows automated credit scoring as well as manual intervention, if needed

Legal Compliance

All systems and processes are customized to ensure compliance with applicable local laws

The Artha advantage – for lenders

Improved credit decision making

Robust, auditable and flexible credit risk engine which adapts to contingencies and regulatory oversight

A complete technology solution

Smooth, seamless loan origination and loan management process

Easy digital process

End to end digitization ensures simplicity and ease of use

Easy integration with APIs

An API-enabled platform that integrates easily with banks for faster exchange of information

Low operations cost

Transparent process and clear communication. Flexibility in terms of tenor and rates

Robust Cloud based security

Platform built on SOC 2-certified technology with auditable SOPs

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