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Comprehensive and dynamic credit scoring model

Technology based Credit Model

Identity Solutions

Proprietary methodology and advanced data science combining to reduce risk and assess the true credit worthiness of borrowers

Improved Efficiency

Credit Scores

Faster and more accurate credit scoring enabling faster loan processing with reduced resources and cost

Increased Conversions

Portfolio Analytics

Reduced decisioning time, accurate assessments and lower costs allowing expansion of client base

Efficient, proprietary credit scoring process

Reduced turnaround Time

Speedy processing of loan requests, faster time to market with new products

Increase in Data Accuracy

Unique AI driven framework for credit assessment, better “predictive profiling” and monitoring

Comprehensive Assessment

Holistic and robust credit assessment across a wide range of traditional as well as new age digital parameters

“Technology first” Credit Scoring

Standardized and transparent credit assessment based on digitized information gathering supported by manual overview

Dynamic Credit Modelling

AI enabled unique Risk Engine will regularly recalibrate to accurately predict credit risk for specific target customer groups

Robust and Scalable Software

Highly scalable technology capable of meeting the increasing business requirements of FI partners

A winning proposition for lenders

Larger Customer Base

Robust and automated credit scores will enable banks to reach out to thin file clients and untapped borrower pools

Better Credit Insights

Comprehensive data gathering and AI based analytics will provide superior understanding of the customer improving borrower selection

Reduced subjectivity in Credit Scoring

A digitized process removes the subjective nature of manual credit assessment improving objectivity and auditability

Better pricing for Loans

Highly calibrated credit decision engine allows better pricing flexibility for lenders

Reduced Losses

Improved customer insights coupled with better risk prediction leads to reduced losses and better balance sheet management

Granular, Module based Assessment

Unique modules based scoring process which analyses different sets of parameters individually before looking at the sum of parts